Top Tips For Landing Your Dream Job in Fashion

The Fashion Industry is a highly coveted and competitive business and actually breaking into it can seem a pretty daunting task. Retail And Fashion Jobs have put together 10 top tips and advice to help you achieve your ultimate goal.

Decide Your Path

The industry has many different aspects from PR to Publishing, Styling to Fashion Production Jobs and it is important right from the offset that you know which direction you wish to take.  Take the time to research the various roles within the Fashion industry so that you have a thorough understanding of what will be expected of you and that it’s something that you are passionate about. If you are not fervently focused on where you’re going then you won’t have the stamina required for the distance required. This industry is a predominantly work your way up industry so there are no shortcuts.

Hot List

After you have been thorough in your research and your chosen path is clear it is advised that you compile a list of companies or an individual that truly invigorates your love for the fashion industry. It could be a publication or a brand of clothing a designer or an editor. Whatever or whoever it is must intensify your burning desire to achieve.

CV and Covering Letters

First impressions are everything in this business. So when crafting your CV make sure it’s flawless. If you are still short on experience then be sure to attach a covering letter to support your application. A covering letter is a great way to show your personality and add some creativity but keep it to the point and clear in its purpose.   Show an example of the research you have done on the business and why you feel that you are the perfect candidate for the role.

Social Media Impressions

Remember, if a business likes you they will do their research on you too. They will check out your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin  Accounts, so it is vital that public activity is discreet and professional.


Internships are often the gateway to success and are seen as a must in the fashion world. Not only will it give you valuable experience but it will also allow you insight to the company’s inner workings, structure and culture. It will also enable you to make contacts and make a lasting impression on people that can help advance your career.

Commit Yourself Fully

Enthusiasm, humility, initiative and manners will get you everywhere! Let people see that this is the career you desire above anything else. Accept all jobs and tasks and never question the significance of what or why you are doing it. Every job that is asked of you is giving you a deeper understanding of the industry you have chosen and how easy you are to work with in a very close knit business that often requires substantial team work.

Personal Style

What you wear at your interview will help you distinguish yourself from the competition, especially in the world of fashion. It’s imperative that you talk and walk the part of your chosen career choice so it is advised that you think about the position you are applying for and let your clothes style reflect that. In fashion people will look for creative flare over flawlessness so there is no need to break the back. Let your style define your character and emulate your dedication to style.

Knowledge Is Power

Do your homework, know the business and the position that you are applying for accurately. Ask the right questions. Talk about recent projects or some business history and background. Demonstrate your desire for the role by being enthusiastic and familiar. 

Be Nice

People want to work with nice people so be warm, friendly and polite and confident. Don’t be shy as this is tough business, tenacious spirit is a must.

Say Thank You

This may sound ridiculous but a personal touch will keep you in their minds. Send your interviewer a hand written note thanking them for the opportunity and their time. Be sure to send it on the day of interview for as swift delivery. This little touch could make all the difference and once again hints in an informal way what type of person you are and how easily you would familiarise yourself with your peers. 

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